Purpose and Mission

Al Huda Islamic Center is a registered 501(c)(3) religious and non-profit organization. Al Huda Islamic Center has been established by the members of the Muslim community of Ithaca and neighboring areas so that individually and collectively they all can practice their Islamic faith, uphold ethical and moral values, indulge and support religious, educational pursuits, upgrade our character, and thus by these acts glorify Allah (Exalted He Is).

Al Huda Islamic Center has this mission to serve the social, cultural and religious needs of Ithaca in general, and Finger Lakes Community in particular.


Our vision is the establishment of a welcoming and dynamic Islamic community, guided and strengthened by the Grace of Allah, and the life and teachings of His Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). We seek guidance from the Book of Allah and the Teachings of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to reach out and do our best to meet the spiritual and human needs of people in the community.  We promote Islam’s celebration of life and its inclusive nature.

Contribution to Al Huda Islamic Center is tax deductible.  We have by-laws and a Majlis Shura which consist of the following members.

Board of Trustees:

Mossad Abd-Elghany (President)
Ahmed Ahmed  (Vice President)