Project Details

Location: 112 Graham Road, Ithaca, NY
Lot size: 44,000 sq. ft. (~ 1 acre)
Building footprint: 1,895 sq. ft.
Building area: 4,490 sq. ft. with bathrooms, kitchen, and prayer hall on the 1st floor; additional prayer or gathering area on the 2nd floor; and an unfinished basement for future expansion.
Building use: Prayers, classes, community and interfaith activities.

Milestones and Status

August 2014 – Purchased land at 112 Graham Road
2014 – 2016 – Various fundraising activities and estimates for construction.
May 2016 – American Homes is chosen as the company to work with for masjid design. Village of Lansing, where the land is located, approves the concept design.
June 2017 – Blue prints drawn and sent by American Homes to New York state for approval.
October 2017 – Blueprints are approved by New York state with the condition that fire sprinklers are added to the building. This increases the cost of the project by an estimated $60k.
November 2017 – Al-Huda Islamic Center, Inc. is formed to better organize the community for operating the future masjid. Current assets are still managed by Al-Huda Islamic Center of Finger Lakes Charitable Trust, which was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2001.

Current Status (as of November 2017)

We are exploring options for the sprinklers but hope to begin construction in the meantime. Fundraising is on-going with at least $40k needed and a goal of $80k.

Masjid Plans



First Floor


Second Floor




Finished Building