On November 18, 2017, muslims in Ithaca voted as a community to select the first Board of Trustees to establish the Al-Huda Islamic Center, Inc. under NY State. The following are the names and list of key responsibilities of these elected members:

President – Mahmoud Burton

The key responsibilities of a president are the following but not limited to:

  • Act as the chief executive officer (ceo) of the assembly
  • Preside over all meetings of the officers and business sessions of the assembly
  • Organize and direct the meetings and work of the officers
  • Be the official representative and spokesman of the officers and of the assembly
  • Make immediate decisions within the framework of the objectives of the assembly if there is need to make such decisions in matters that are not addressed by the constitution or the bylaws. The officers shall review and may reverse such decisions later.
  • In the planned absence of the president, the president shall appoint the vice-president to act in his behalf.

Vice President – Dr. Ahmed Ahmed

The key responsibilities of a vice-president include but not limited to:

  • In case of absence of the president, take over all the responsibilities of the president.
  • Be responsible for the internal and external correspondences of the ithaca masjid assembly.
  • Inform the executive committee members about the date and time of executive committee meetings in advance. Remind executive committee members about outstanding action items that they need to work on.
  • Track and monitor membership registrations.
  • Prepare and present to the officers and to the general membership an annual report on the accomplishments and the general status of the assembly.

Secretary – Muhammad Masroor

The key responsibilities of a secretary include but not limited to:

  • Maintain the membership list and other records of the assembly, including property papers, insurance, marriage contracts, and so forth
  • Keep track of the list of names and addresses of brothers and sisters leaving our community.
  • Register the masjid with the authorities of the state and federal government on an annual basis, or as often as necessary
  • Regularly follow up on the legal and financial commitments of the masjid toward the governmental institutions in the city and the state.
  • Prepare an agenda (after consulting with the chairman) and the minutes of meetings of the officers
  • Notify the officers members of the times and places of officers meetings

Treasurer – Yasir Parvez

The treasurer shall be responsible for tasks relating to the collection, recording, management and disbursement of the assembly’s money. In particular, he/she shall:

  • Maintain record of all the financial transactions, expenditures and income of the assembly.
  • Collect and deposit all dues, fees and donations received on behalf of the assembly.
  • Send thank you letters and duaa for donations.
  • Receive offerings collected during worship services and count them at the conclusion of the services, ensuring more than one person is involved collecting and counting the offerings.
  • Report regularly to the Trustee Board or Finance Committee regarding total funds pledged and actually received for the year.
  • Submit annually to the officers the name of at least one public accountant for approval as auditor of the assembly’s account, in accordance with state and federal legal requirements.

Finance Officer – Mohamed Ismail

The finance secretary shall be responsible for monitoring the financial condition of the organization. In particular she/he shall:

  • Prepare a budget of income and expenses for the next fiscal year and submit it to the officers.
  • Present before the officers a quarterly report on the financial position of the assembly, and submit to the officers and to the general membership an annual report on the financial condition of the assembly.
  • Ensure that any governmental reporting forms are filed and regulations met on a timely basis.
  • Ensure that the property of the assembly is properly covered by insurance for casualty and liability losses.
  • Work with the Finance and Maintenance Committees to prepare plans and projections for meeting medium and long-term maintenance costs of the assembly property and planning for capital improvements.

Operations Officer – Walaa Maharem-Horan

The operations manager who shall be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of programming to serve the needs of the assembly and outreach to the greater community. In particular she/he will:

  • Be the Officer liaison to the Islamic School, assisting with program development and scheduling coordination with other activities in the building.
  • Develop and maintain an events calendar for community activities.
  • Maintain oversight of the scheduling for all ongoing activities and function as the coordination person in addressing any requests for use of the building.
  • Work with the standing committees in setting program goals that support the missions of the assembly.
  • Identify and prioritize needs in the assembly and the community for which programs or services must be developed.
  • Keep records of all events that are sponsored or run by the Corporation, including information such as key contacts, attendance and participation and future engagements that may be beneficial to explore, and develop mailing lists for follow up.

Media/Technology Officer – Sabah Ahmed Hathaway

The media/technology manager who shall be responsible for developing the infrastructure for public presentation and announcement of information and events. Among other responsibilities he/she will

  • Coordinate databases developed from activities to create master contact lists on varied media platforms.
  • Develop and implement a consistent protocol for communications between members, Trustees and Officers, and the greater community.
  • Project current and ongoing needs of the assembly for equipment and secure information storage, define a budget for acquisitions and improvements and coordinate with the Finance Secretary to implement these as decided by the Trustees.
  • Harmonize the presentation of materials in various media platforms to promote consistency of style and graphic content where possible.
  • Develop an overall technical strategy to suit the needs of the assembly.